Bail? What is Bail?

Bail is the amount asked for by the court systems in return for an inmate's release and ability to remain free, depending on the decision of the courts.
The bail amount is security for the defendant's appearance on court dates. In North Carolina, Bail is set by Judicial Officials, Judges or magistrates. The circumstances that are taken into consideration vary, but the amount of bail is set at their discretion.

What is Bond?

Bond is an arrangement between the defendant and the Surety (Bail Bondsman) in which the Bail Bondsman agrees to vouch for the defendant's appearance in court. The defendant has only to pay the bail bonds company a percentange of the bail amount and the defendant will be free to go. Some stipulations do apply, but are very basic:

  • The Defendant must not fail to appear for any court dates.
  • The Defendant must inform his/her bondsman of any address changes.
  • The Defendant must have his/her bondsman's permission to leave the jusridiction of the Court (Permission to leave NC).
  • The Defendant must not conceal himself.
  • The Bond fee agreed upon must be paid in full.

As long as these conditions are adhered to, obtaining the services of a bail bondsman can be a reasonable experience.